Drop Request

If you are unable to complete a class, it is your responsibility to withdraw formally.

The Texas Education Code 51.907 limits the number of classes a student may drop in their undergraduate career to no more than 6 classes, unless your drop reason qualifies as an exception.

Once you have accumulated 6 non-exempt drops, you cannot drop any other classes with a ‘W’. Therefore, please exercise caution when dropping a class in any Texas public institution of higher learning.

Before you drop a class consider talking with your instructor about options and/or discuss it with your advisor.

To drop a class online, go to eConnect.

I am aware that dropping may affect my:

Academic standing https://www1.dcccd.edu/catalog/GeneralInfo/GradesTranscripts/sp.cfm?loc=econ
Potential tuition increases https://www1.dcccd.edu/catalog/GeneralInfo/TuitionCost/tuition.cfm?loc=econ
Program completion https://econnect.dcccd.edu/degreePlan.html (Requires Log In)
Third Attempt tuition https://www1.dcccd.edu/catalog/GeneralInfo/GradesTranscripts/third_attempt.cfm?loc=econ
Six Drop Limit https://www1.dcccd.edu/catalog/GeneralInfo/GradesTranscripts/dw.cfm?loc=econ
Refund Policy https://www1.dcccd.edu/catalog/GeneralInfo/TuitionCost/refunds.cfm?loc=econ